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Demon Killer 7 in 1 Coils

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Demon Killer have unleashed a new range of awesome affordable coils for busy builders! Introducing the Demon Killer Violence Coil 7 in 1 Pack, offers a great range of high quality coils for customers to sample.

The Authentic Demon Killer Violence Coil 7-in-1 28 PCS Violence Coil is made from Kanthal A1 and 316L Stainless Steel. The kit comes with 1 x Allen Key, 4 x Alien V2 coils, 4 x Tsuka Coils, 4 x Clapception Coils, 4 x Framed Clapton Coils, 4 x Spaced Clapton Coils, 4 x Tri-twisted Clapton Coils, 4 x Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coils, and an Allen Key.